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    Malaysia Dairy Valves and Fittings :: Stainless Steel Dairy Valves Fittings :: Dairy Valves

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    Malaysia Dairy Valves and Fitting

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    Dairy Valves Stainless Steel Dairy Valves Fittings, Dairy Valves

    Arc Spark Emission Spectrometer
    Able to Detect SS 304, 304L, 316, 316L
    Mobile On-Site Metal Analyzers
    Mobile on-site metal analyzers
    report analysis
    Analysis Report
    Equipment Minimum and Maximum Range
    Min – Max Range

    Standard Material
    Measurement System ? Alloy Analyzer
    Calibration for Accuracy and Consistency

    • Monthly Calibration
    • Calibration Done with International Recognized Standard
      Reference Material

    ANSI 304
    Standard Certificate No.: 2F-07102002-IARM-F
    ANSI 304L
    Standard Certificate No.: 81P-123093
    Standard Certificate No.: 163B 02042003-IARM-F

    Certificate can be downloaded from:

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    Measurement System
    Caliper and Dial Gauge

    Malaysia Dairy Valves and Fitting, Stainless Steel Dairy Valves Fittings

    Critical Dimensions: Diameter, Thickness

    Control Method

    Butterfly Valve Leakage Tester
    Test Pressure: 6 bar
    Test Time: 10 seconds
    Accept/ Reject: <?0.1bar

    Control Method

    Butterfly Valve Torque Wrench Instrument

    Control Method
    Elbow & T

    Filler Gauge to check for Perpendicularity

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