Vacuumn Components

Vacuumn Components

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KF Flange Series

  • Easy Assembly and Quick Disassembly manually without tools-KF or NW assembly comprises two flanges, a center-ring, an O-ring and an aluminum clamp or stainless steel clamp with a wingnut fastener for quick and fast connection.
  • Uniform Pressure to Effect Vacuum Seal Connection-15° taper surface of KF/NW flange allows uniform pressure to compress an O-ring, which is held in place by metal center-ring, by the clamp to generate a vacuum seal.
Material and Size
  •  Flanges, Blanks, Fitting: Material SS 304
  •  Clamps: Material Aluminum or SS 304
  •  O-ring: Material Viton
  •  Sizes: KF10~KF160, JIS Standard: NW10~NW100


ISO Flange Series

  • ISO Flange series are in accordance with International Operation Standards, which are compatible to other makers’ standard.
  • ISO Flange assembly: 
    (a) ISO Clamp type-comprises two ISO flanges, a Center Ring with O-ring, and a double wall clamp or a double claw clamp
    (b) ISO Bolt type-comprises two ISO bolted flanges, a Center Ring with O-ring, bolt screws, washers and nuts.

Material and Size
  • Flanges, Blanks, Fitting: Material SS 304
  • Clamps: Material Aluminum or SS 304
  • O-ring: Material Viton
  • Sizes: ISO63~ISO160


CF Flange Series

  • CF Flange assembly comprises two CF Flanges, a flat copper gasket, insert, bolts and nuts.
  • CF Flange design option: 
  •   - CF Flange blank or CF Bored Flange blank 
      - CF Tapped Hole Flange or Untapped Hole Flange 

      - CF Non-rotatable Flange or Rotatable Flange
Material and Size
  • Flanges, Blanks, Fitting: Material SS 304
  • Gasket: Material Copper
  • Sizes: CF16-CF150


Bellows Series

- KF Compressible Bellow Connections 
- ISO Compressible Bellow Connections
- CF Compressible Bellow Connections 
- Welded Bellow-Custom Made


Fitting Series

- KF 90° Elbow 
- KF Tee 
- KF 4 Way Cross 
- ISO 90° Elbow
- CF 90° Elbow


Adaptor Series

- KF Concentric Reducing Adaptor
- KF Rubber Hose Adaptor
- KF Male Pipe Adaptor
- KF-Female Pipe Adaptor